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Ali K Music Show
Live Broadcast, Interviews, Rock & Hard Rock
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Host: Ali K
Wednesday 7pm to 9pm

Backstage Vibe Live
Indie Rock Interviews
Show Details
Host: Melissa
Co-host: Rachael
M-F 10 am to 12 pm

BS Live Rocks

Show Details
Host: Bobby R Rock
Co-host: Shane Christopher Neal
Thursdays 7-10pm

EJ’s Cafe
Singer Songwriter, Indie, Blues, Interviews
Show Details
Host: Eric
Co-host: Julia
M-F 8am to 10 am

Jimmy K
Rock, Friday 11, Interviews
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Host: Jimmy K
M-F 1pm to 3pm

Jimmy K Show
Local Music & Talk
Show Details
Host: Jimmy K
Co-host: Edub
Co-host: Rökker
Tuesdays 7-10pm

Outlaw Hideout
Everything Outlaw Country
Show Details
Host: Tommy Trigger
M-F 12pm to 1pm and Sat-Sun 9am-12pm

Phoenix Camerah
Local Niagara Music Scene
Show Details

M-F 3-6pm

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The Jimmy K Show

The Jimmy K Show is broadcast from Madison, Wisconsin

Host: Jimmy K
Co-host: Edub
Co-host: Rökker

Showtime: Tuesdays 7-10pm

​Jimmy K along with co-hosts Edub & Rökker combine to bring in unique and interesting local, national, and international artists, comedians, and other interesting people.

The show always starts of with some music picks from Rökker that include new and unheard stuff from his inbox as well as old dead bands that might never see the light of day otherwise.

Then comes the Dumb Ass News with Rökker, who hand picks the worlds most stupidest stories for your entertainment pleasure.

A comedian, person of interest, or just a bystander hanging around the studio usually comes next. 

Then hear Jimmy K and Edub interview local, national, and international artists and bands like Diamond Head, Nashville Pussy, Candlebox, GWAR, Last Crack, YLAB, Roses for the Dead, Government Zero, Tiny Riots, Lords of the Trident, and well over thousands more.

Throughout the show you might catch various personalities like Trixie of Trixie’s Liquor rating the Beer of the Week or Amada from the Inferno talking about the drink of the month, and other local celebs calling in or appearing in studio for a talk with Jimmy & Edub.